Cydia download for Apple TV

UPDATE 23rd March 2016 – Pangu released Apple TV 4 jailbreak

Pangu team released their Apple TV jailbreak tool today as promised. This latest jailbreak tool has been confirmed by lots of Apple TV enthusiasts as clean and working without any doubt on their devices. Here we have summed up a complete Apple TV jailbreak guide for everyone.

Apple TV 4 jailbreak

Important facts to know before jailbreak your Apple TV 4

  • Pangu tool is currently works only on Apple TV 4
  • You must have iOS 9.0 – 9.0.1 running Apple TV to use this jailbreak
  • This tool doesn’t have user interface and you’ll have to use SSH for jailbreak your device
  • You can’t have unlimited benefits at the moment by jailbreaking Apple TV 4 because jailbroken tweaks and Apps for Apple TV 4 is limited. But definitely we’ll have lot of resources in future.

Further requirements for proceed jailbreak

  • USB type C cable is requires
  • Installed Xcode on your MAC
  • Apple development membership

You are ready to proceed with Apple TV 4 jailbreak if everything above is fine and up. The Pangu tool is only available for MAC version because Xcode is a must and Xcode is currently supports only for MAC.

  1. Download Latest Pangu tool
  2. Plug in both power codes and USB C cable.
  3. Launch X code >Windows > Device and select the Apple TV and copy the UDID.
  4. Login to developer account at devices page and register your Apple TV
  5. Go to App ID page and create an new ID
  6. Then Go to provisioning profiles page, select TVOS development, Create a provision file and download it
  7. Rename the downloaded file to “embedded.mobileprovision” and move it to Pangu tool folder
  8. Open keychain access and get the team ID and common name
  9. enter this command for install the script
  10. “ <udid> <bundleid> <team id> <common name id>”
  11. e5e2c931d4a94ecf71e12a88b0b4579b com.sample.tvjb 93AA45BBCC “iPhone Developer: test (ALI766JXB5)”
  12. This will install Pangu app on your Apple TV and the jailbreak is complete.

UPDATE 11th March 2016 – Apple TV 4 jailbreak

Apple TV 4 released on 30th October 2015 with TVOS 9.0 which based on iOS 9.0. Current latest TVOS version supports for Apple TV 4th generation is 9.1.1 which is based on iOS 9.2.1. Anyway the good news is Pangu team announced that they are planning to release Apple TV 4 jailbreak tool on next week. We cannot guarantee that would be capable to Download Cydia on Apple TV 4 with TVOS 9.1.1. But at least Pangu will manage to Cydia download on Apple TV 4 running initial TVOS. We will update this post into a complete report and Apple TV  jailbreak guide with Pangu tool once it released for public.

Cydia download guide for Apple TV

Cydia download for Apple TV previous versions

The final Cydia tool for Apple TV we seen before ages. iPhone dev team could develop Pwnage tool for jailbreak APple TV 2 on 20th October 2010. Since there we haven’t seen any successful Cydia installation tool for Apple TV. Apple released the updated devices Apple TV 3 and Apple TV 4 respectively on 7th March 2012 & 30th October 2015 with TVOS 5.0 and TVOS 9.0. After went through several OS upgrades current latest OS versions for Apple TV 3 & 4 are TV OS 7.2.1 & 9.1.1.

Why you need Cydia on Apple TV

Jailbreaking Apple TV will paid off on you in many ways. It’s simply unlock the full potential of Apple TV which has been originally restricted by Apple. Some of great features you can enjoy after Apple TV jailbreak as follows.

Customize Apple TV

  • Add slideshows to main menu
  • Add whether to main menu
  • Adjust screen saver settings
  • Hide menu items and many more

Access unlimited media content

  • Play from Airplay or iTunes
  • Media from Netflix, iTunes, NHL, NBA, Vimeo, YouTube
  • Access to Kodi, ESPN, Hulu,, Amazon Prime, Pandora, A&E, PBS, CBS, ABC, MTV, NBA
  • and tons of more sources


  • XBMC is one of the main factor for have jailbroken Apple TV. XBMC is the portal which open the door to most of above mentioned sourced. You won’t be able to ever finish watching your favorite shows.

Internet surfing
Remote HD
Apple TV flash

How to jailbreak Apple TV

Since there were no jailbreak since Apple TV 3, Here we note down process of jailbreaking Apple TV 2nd generation using SeasOnPass. This tool could manage Cydia installation on TV OS 5running Apple TVs.

Prepare for jailbreak

  1. Having installed latest iTunes version
  2. Download Seas0nPass latest version
  3. Micro USB cable
  4. Disconnect other Apple devices from the PC such as iPhone iPad or iPod

Start jailbreaking

  1. Unzip and run Seas0nPass
  2. Click “create IPSW”
  3. Connect Apple TV to the computer when it prompted
  4. When Apple TV bulb starts blinking rapidly press and hols Menu & play/pause buttons together for 7 seconds on your remote while it pointed to the Apple TV
  5. Seas0nPass will compete the jailbreak process automatically