Cydia download for Apple watch

Apple watch is the only wearable iOS device by Apple. Apple watch or iWatch revealed by Tim Cook on September 9th 2014 and raised to 4.2 million sales within few months. Watch OS is the default operating system for Apple watch. Initially Apple watch shipped with Watch OS 2.0 which is based on iOS 9 and the current publick Watch OS version is 2.2 (iOS 9.3). As well as there’s a beta version 2.2.1 beta 2.

Cydia download guide for Apple watch
Apple watch has gone through many OS hacks since it released but no one could be able to install Cydia on it. That doesn’t mean Cydia Download for Apple watch in impossible. We seen lots of jailbreak developers announced about hack into Watch OS system and install 3rd party apps, customize device settings and play around with native apps settings. Here are positive update we have at the moment towards iWatch jailbreak.

Steve T-S Apple watch jailbreak

The Irish iOS programmer Steve Troughton Smith break into the Watch OS system and managed to run UIKit and SceneKit on it with contribution of Saurik (Developer of Cydia) and @B3ll. He also released a video preview to prove the hacking was success.

Steve T-S confirmation for iWatch jailbreak

Hamze Sood iWatch jailbreak

Hamze Sood successfully installed and run Flapply bird on Apple watch running watch OS 2. He has published the source code on Github too. The game could be played via touch screen and rotating the crown.

Safari on Apple watch

Popular iOS developer and hacker Comex announced and posted proofs of running Safari app and browsing web on the Apple watch. But he only able to load Google home page and nothing much more.


Pangu jailbreak for Apple watch

Pangu is the leading jailbreak provider for almost all Apple devices but lack of solution for Cydia download on Apple watch. As well as Pangu hasn’t mentioned or paid any interest about Jailbreak iWatch up to now.

Most demanding jailbreak tweaks for iWatch

Although there’s no jailbreak for iWatch yet users around the world make their comments and requests of watch OS features which is not available at the moment. Most of such features are seems to be never provided by Apple and only hope iWatch users could get such features is jailbreak. Here we have summed up some most demanding Apple watch jailbreak tweaks. We also believe such features will make the Apple watch more and more smarter.

  • Custom watch interfaces
  • Install native apps
  • Customize default timeout settings
  • Themes
  • Battery saver features
  • Web browsing
  • Direct play to speakers