Cydia download for iOS 8.4.1 devices

It’s an unfortunate trap if you are still in iOS 8.4.1. This iOS version is not jailbreakable with any Jailbreak tool. Also you can’t upgrade to any version between iOS 9.0 to 9.0.2 which could be jailbreak using Pangu 9. The only thing you can do is to upgrade iOS 9.2.1 which is being signed for iOS 9 compatible devices by Apple servers at the moment.

Cydia download for iOS 8.4.1 devices

This happened because Apple released iOS 8.4.1 update after iOS 9.0.2 with patched Taig and Pangu exploits. iOS 8.4.1 fixed many errors mainly and no any new additions. We hope that any tool which created for Cydia download on iOS 9.1 and later would definitely works for iOS 8.4.1 too. because same vulnerabilities should exist on iOS 8.4.1 and iOS 9.1.

Important changes of iOS 8.4.1

  • iCloud turning on prevention problem solved
  • Fixed issue of hide added music due to app settings for show only offline music
  • Allows to add songs to playlist even there’s no playlist selected

As you seen this update is almost totally focused on fixing issues of Music app and some security patches. Remaining in this iOS version will be better until we receive next jailbreak update.

Safety notice

Never try to downgrade your device using third party apps who promised to restore into previous iOS version which is possible to jailbreak. There’s no way back since Apple no longer signs any other version except iOS 9.2.1 for iOS 9 compatible devices. You might forced to upgrade into iOS 9.2.1 if anything went wrong or had to restore using iTunes. You can have our premium membership for fast grab the next jailbreak release. Hundreds of your premium members are enjoying access to our jailbreak resource library, latest updates and tutorials. Check our Jailbreak genie homepage for more details.